Alex Michael Art

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Alex's work investigates urban landscapes with compositions sourced from around Sydney. Using an upbeat palette, Alex's paintings often depict uninhabited landscapes, some with minimal, allusive human presence. She is drawn to compositions that include distinctive built and natural environments, as well as including temporary or permanent installations, and mechanical forms. She takes iPhone photographs whilst on walks around Sydney, which she later uses as inspiration for landscape studies. She experiments with repetition and pattern to communicate different areas and surfaces within her landscape compositions.
Alex was born in Sydney, Australia, where she completed her high school education before completing a double degree at the University of New South Wales. An arts and fine arts degree, majoring in English, fostered Alex's passion for literature as well as informing the conceptual underpinnings of her work. Attending creative writing workshops as part of her arts degree allowed her to develop her interest in creative writing. Alex commenced a fine arts degree at the National Art School in 2020 which allowed her to explore ceramics, photography, sculpture, photography, painting and drawing. Drawing, and traditional drawing principles, have always formed an important foundation for Alex's painting practice. Alex's work is also informed by a strong interest in design and textiles, which is made evident through her preference for striking, impactful, and minimal compositions. Alex continually finds inspiration for her work through her experience of art and literature, nature, spontaneous, chance happenings, and everyday experiences.


2015-2018 Bachelor of Arts and Fine Arts at University of New South Wales

2020-present // Bachelor of Fine Arts at National Art School

  • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia